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OH4 - District Governor

DG Betty Robbins
Website: www.Lions13oh4.org

DG Betty Robbins


DG Betty Robbins

DGBettyRobbins pin OH4 smDGBettyRobbins pin smLion Betty has been involved with Lions throughout her life. As a child, she helped decorate many floats for the Cortland Lions, served the Lions meals, helped her father and husband prepare and serve meals for zone meetings, and many hospitality rooms. She has also been secretary of the Cortland Lions Street Fair for 32 years.

Lion Betty joined the Newton Falls Lions in November of 2002, with 100% attendance. Lion Betty has been on the board of directors since 2003. She has served as 1st, 2nd Vice Presidents and President. On the District level, DG Betty served as Zone 1 Chair from 2012-2015, 2nd VDG, and 1st VDG. DG Betty was presented a Council of Governors Award in 2013 and is a Progressive Melvin Jones Fellow.

DG Betty is a graduate of the MD 13 Regional Lions Leadership Institute 2013/2014/2015 and has attended many Spring Leadership Conferences. She has attended 33 district conventions, 4 Winter Retreats, numerous Fall Conferences, many State Conventions, the USA/Canada forum in Grand Rapids, Michigan, and 4 International conventions. She received her Bachelor’s Degree from Lions University in September of 2015.

After graduating from Lakeview High School, she attended Kent State University. She has held many public service jobs from being a “petroleum transfer engineer” to a “pro shop attendant.” DG Betty has 2 step-children, PDG Ron Robbins and Michelle Robbins. In her spare time, she enjoys traveling and baking.